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May 13 2017

Electric transformer is commonly used in anatomist that changes both the attention and the current of the electrical power flowing through it. It is composed of a coil wrapped about an electromagnet that exchanges the electricity. Our our own transformer product line include energy transformer, furnace transformer, submission transformer, current transformer, dried out type power transformer.
500kV Power Transformer
electric air conditioner transformers
distribution transformer gear
current transformers for sale
Epoxy resin dry-type power transformer
single phase pole installed distribution transformer
current transformer
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MEC Group-Power Gear

Liaoning MEC Group Company., Ltd. is an integrated team company located in the seaside city of Dalian, China. Among the first class power equipment providers in China, our products ranges from transformer, bundle substation, switchgear to insulator, power fitting and other substation & transmission line tools. Our products have been supplied to a lot of companies all over the world which take pleasure in high reputations from the customers with high quality as well as excellent service.
current transformer
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